About Us


Corporate Offices – Gainesville, FL

We love FileMaker technologies and the empowerment they give small number of developers to deliver powerful Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications in a very short amount of time.  Our mission is to support these developers and the companies that rely on their solutions by focussing soley on providing a FileMaker hosting platform that provides Enterprise class reliability.

FMPHost was established and began hosting FileMaker databases in 1999.  At that time, FileMaker 5 was newly released and offered the world a simple, but powerful, networked database engine. Instantly FMPHost founders recognized the potential for small and medium sized organizations to engineer and deploy advanced solutions.

Few companies offered FileMaker database hosting and none of them offered the enterprise reliabilty it is our mission to provide.

Try us out with a free trial and see the difference dedication to FileMaker hosting alone brings.