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  • Host Up To 256 Databases
  • 24/7 Support That Never Expires
  • Modify Disk Space, Memory And License Independently To Meet Your Needs Affordably
  • Instant Setup With Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Full WebDirect Support
  • Remote Backup To Dropbox Or FTP Server
  • FileMaker PHP, XML, ODBC And Plugin Support
  • As Low As $35.95 Per Month
    Or $87.45 Per Month With Bundled Licensing

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FileMaker 2024 Hosting

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All subscriptions begin with an unrestricted 45 day free trial license to FileMaker Server 2024 and monthly hosting plan.  You can extend the billing cycle and change the hardware options at any time for a prorated amount.

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Getting Started Video
Getting Started Video

Start Hosting Your Databases… Now

Time ClockWith our FileMaker 2024 Database Hosting we’ve placed the emphasis on your databases.  All of the server setup, installation and security configuration, including the use of a valid SSL certificate, is already done.  The moment you sign up for the 15 day free trial of our FileMaker 2024 Database Hosting plan you will be able to start uploading and sharing your databases through our easy to use control panel management system.  Of course, if you need all of the options available under the FileMaker Server Admin Console that is available too.

Flexible FileMaker Server Licensing

To get you going right away, FMPHost automatically applies the FileMaker Server 2024 Free Trial license to every database hosting plan.  This license will provide unrestricted User Connections for your users to access your databases through FileMaker Pro 2024, WebDirect and FileMaker Go during your free trial period.  Then, you can choose whether to bring your own FileMaker license or order one through FMPHost you can pay on a monthly basis preserving your cash flow. All licensing provided by FMPHost is based on the FileMaker User Connections model which means no further licensing for FileMaker Pro 2024, FileMaker Go or WebDirect is required.

Best Security Practices Included

SSL CertificatesYour FileMaker Database Hosting server comes with the highest security options and practices built-in. From the network side all of our hosting facilities provide physical security by use of biometric locks and video surveillance monitored server cabinets.  We also employ firewall and Distributed Denial of Service protection on our Internet border routers. Each FileMaker Server has its own firewall settings and the most restrictive settings are automatically configured in the FileMaker Server Admin Console.  FMPHost also provides a valid wildcard SSL certificate that is preinstalled on your server so you can immediately start sharing your database securely.  Finally, we support FileMaker’s Encryption at Rest (EAR) technology that keeps your data private even if the file itself was somehow accessed.

Automatic and Remote Database Backups

FileMaker Hosting with Dropbox Remote BackupYour data is valuable. FMPHost understands this and goes the extra mile to protect it. Every night a live snapshot of your database is taken and archived off of your server and made available in your control panel for immediate download. You can also initiate your own backups at any time. As an additional measure of protection, FMPHost provides our Remote Backup feature which automatically pushes the backups to you every time one is created.  FMPHost supports emailing your backup as an attachment, transferring it to your FTP server or placing it into your Dropbox folder. Never worry about losing your data again.

Professional FileMaker Server Management

Professional FileMaker Hosting Support by FMPHostFileMaker Database Hosting means that you focus on the database and we’ll focus on everything else. Our U.S. based engineering and support staff have over 20 years of experience setting up FileMaker Server for optimal performance, security, redundancy and troubleshooting user issues.  We also keep your system patched with all software updates.  Our control panel software automatically detects issues with the FileMaker Server process, Web Publishing Engine and FileMaker Script Engine and restarts the services as necessary minimizing any service impact. Email notifications are also sent alerting you of approaching resource limits like available disk space. We provide support through online chat, email and 24/7 phone support to make sure your business stays up and running.

Targeted Backup Strategy and Server Focus

FileMaker Hosting with Automatic BackupFileMaker Database Hosting is designed for customers who want a managed, low cost alternative to traditional dedicated server hosting.  Unlike our FileMaker Server Hosting plan, our FileMaker Database Hosting plan only backs up the databases and not the entire server.  In the unlikely event your server becomes unrecoverable, we will redeploy a new server instance and restore your backed up databases.