FileMaker Cloud Hosting


Keep Your Team In Sync

Cloud deployment of your FileMaker Pro database through FMPHost’ unique control panel means your database is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone with an Internet connection you give access. As the number, or size, or connections of your database grows FMPHost automatically adjusts resources of our database servers to make sure your solution is always running optimally.

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Control Panel Management


Manage Everything In One Place

FMPHost’s control panel is unique and powerful. With a single login you can upload, backup and replace your databases, view your subscription billing and payment history, make a payment, change your payment method and reset your password. We keep it simple so you can focus on getting the most from your FileMaker solution.

Automatic Backups

7autobackupsNever Lose Your Data

Your data is valuable. FMPHost understands this and goes the extra mile to protect it. Every night a live snapshot of your database is taken and archived and made available in your control panel for immediate download. You can also create your own snapshots at any time.
As an additional measure of protection, FMPHost also sends your backups to our second server facility to insure that your data survives natural disasters, fires and other unforeseeable issues.

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Multi-Version Support

FileMaker Pro 14Eleven Versions of FileMaker Managed As One

Upload your FileMaker Pro 7 through 17 databases through the FMPHost’s control panel and you can view all of your databases in all versions FileMaker Pro in a single place. Open, Close, Replace, Backup and Download functions are all fully supported.

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Unlimited Connections

Unlimited Connections
No matter the size of your office, organization or customer base, FMPHost offers unlimited user connections to your hosted FileMaker Pro database. Unlimited number of users through FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, WebDirect, Instant Web Publishing, Custom Web Publishing and ODBC/JDBC means more people can use your data to grow your organization.

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