FileMaker ODBC / JDBC Access

FileMaker ODBC/JDBC Access allows FileMaker databases to integrate into a mixed technology environment and share data with legacy and third party applications.

As the Information Age rolls on a lot of applications have been developed in a lot of different languages and technologies and business demands require that all of these technologies interoperate with each other.  FileMaker solves this issue by supporting the industry standard ODBC model for database bridging, or JDBC for Java based applications.

An application that wants access to your FileMaker data can do so by establishing a connection to the Data Source Name (DSN), the reference the operating system has given the FileMaker database, and sending Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to your database and getting the response back in the form of a result set.

This greately benefits:

  • Retailers who rely on UPS Worldship, or other vendor software, to create shipping labels.
  • Website owners who need more control and a deeper level of integration than Instant Web Publishing affords.
  • Office produtivity users generating mail merges from their database.

FMPHost fully support ODBC and JDBC connections to your hosted database.