Nextcloud Office

Your Private Cloud Office and Groupware Solution

Replace Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Zoom and other big cloud providers with your own secure and private cloud solution.

  • No Data Leaks to Third Parties
  • No Per User Fees
  • Collaborate with Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • End-to-End Encryption Secures All Files and Communications

Security Seals

Switching from Google Apps and Skype to Nextcloud Office was a simple experience and FMPHost support was there every step of the way. Now my company’s data is truly private and better integrated than ever.

Patricia Carney
Ginkgo Software

Getting Started Video
Getting Started Video

Create, edit and collaborate on Office Documents

With Nextcloud Office you can edit and collaborate on your Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files through the web and on mobile devices. For an office desktop application experience we recommend the open source LibreOffice Suite for your users.

Automatic File Syncing, Versioning and Easy Sharing

Nextcloud’s desktop client for Windows, Linux and Mac installs on your computer allowing you to choose which folder on your computer, and which folders on your Nextcloud Office, should automatically stay in sync. Whenever a file is changed, even by a team member in a shared folder, the change is reflected immediately on your local computer. Changes are also versioned on Nextcloud Office allowing you to roll them back.

Either through the web, desktop or mobile you can quickly share a document with a team member, group or third party by providing a simple link.

Nextcloud Office can also connect to external file storage such as Amazon S3, WebDAV, FTP, SMB or even another Nextcloud Office instance making them appear as simple files and folders for your privileged users.

Secure Chat and Video Conferencing Included

Run your very own chat and video conferencing service and create private and public rooms where your internal and external users can work together. Stay up to date with your team while on the go with Nextcloud Talk for Android and iOS.

Sync and Share Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and More

Use your individual and team calendars and contacts wherever you go on any device. In addition to the feature rich web based calendaring system, Nextcloud Office natively supports the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols allowing applications like Apple Mail, Contacts and Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook seamless integration.

Advantages for FileMaker Users

FMPHost brings advantages to our FileMaker customers unavailable anywhere else. Nextcloud Office is integrated in the FMPHost control panel to be a Remote Backup destination for your database backups. Every time a backup is made it can be automatically sent to your Nextcloud Office and then automatically downloaded to your local computer as desired.

Nextcloud Office also includes public web form generation making it easy to create surveys and registration forms intended for a large number of simultaneous public users, more than WebDirect could handle. The results of the forms are exported to a CSV file that’s easily imported into your FileMaker database.

Only Pay for What You Use

Unlike the large data companies that charge per user, regardless of the services or file storage generated by that user, FMPHost provides simplified utility billing based on disk storage used in a month.

Completing the total office solution, Nextcloud Office subscribers also get discounted custom domain IMAP email services for an unlimited number of users. Office Email plans begin for 50 GBs of domain email storage you can divide among your users anyway you wish for $10 per month.

Get Nextcloud Office for just
10 cents per GB stored per month.

$20 per month / 200 GB minimum

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