FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad

Go Mobile with FileMaker Go!

FileMaker Go allows FileMaker users to leave their desktops and laptops behind and handle business wherever they find themselves.  FileMaker Go, along with FMPHost’s hosting options, allows small companies to have big company advantages.

With FileMaker Go You Can:

  • Have a local delivery man update their status and their current location on the road and see it in real time.
  • Have employees update company inventory counts at the item’s location.
  • Give critical customer information to a remote sales rep and have them update meeting status while in the field.

The possibilities are endless with FileMaker Go which is now available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.  Android users can use the mobile version of FileMaker WebDirect to view database layouts, run scripts and perform the same data entry tasks.

Licensing for FileMaker Go is included with all FileMaker Platform licensing.  FMPHost provides monthly options of FileMaker licensing to improve your cash flow in addition to the standard annual plans. Click here to view all licensing options.