Nextcloud Office Delivers Private Cloud Workgroup Collaboration

Nextcloud Office at FMPHost is your affordable private cloud office and groupware solution.

With Nextcloud Office, the large data companies miss out your organization’s valuable data.  You control all access to your data in an end to end encrypted cloud groupware solution. 

Replace services like Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more with a fully integrated platform with transparent billing.  Instead of charging by the user and placing limits on their usage, Nextcloud Office provides shared file management, document collaboration, address book and calendar synchronization, video conferencing and more all based on the storage you use…. just 10 cents per GB!

Your mission critical business data is encrypted and replicated between multiple data centers insuring ultimate fault tolerance and FMPHost continues to add features and new functionality over time.

Nextcloud Office can also enhance your FileMaker hosting experience by being a new Remote Backup repository for your FileMaker databases and easy to use web form builder for surveys and registrations available to thousands of respondents at once.

Start Using Nextcloud Office Today.

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