FileMaker Pro RemoteApp Service Announced

fm13remoteDo you need to supercharge FileMaker Pro when connected remotely to our servers?

We all know FileMaker is a great technology for building great applications, but it can also be inefficient over the network. When you connect remotely to our FileMaker Servers every piece of information needed to sort a list, get a value for a calculated field or run a script is transferred between our server and your copy of FileMaker Pro each and every time. If you are working with a large dataset you can see how even with the best possible equipment and Internet connections your experience degrades.

With our new FileMaker Pro RemoteApp Service, you can run FileMaker Pro in our facility! You get the power of our hardware, the use of our licensing, and most importantly the close proximity of our database servers to give you the ultimate speed in accessing a remote database! The FileMaker Pro RemoteApp service works a lot like other remote desktop technologies, but without the desktop. You only get the screen updates of FileMaker Pro streamed to you. The FileMaker Pro RemoteApp service also has access to your local drives and printers. It feels like you are running FileMaker Pro locally on your own computer!

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