Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice Chooses FMPHost

The Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice (LACLJ) is located in East Los Angeles and has served the low-income residents of Los Angeles for almost 40 years.  Their mission is to provide direct representation and education to low-income families facing the greatest barriers to justice.  LACLJ provides free legal representation, education and advocacy and thier services decrease homelessness, increase family stability and provide safe, violence-free homes for children.

LACLJ’s client database, developed in FileMaker Pro, must be available and secure at all times.  For these needs LACLJ turned to FMPHost.  FMPHost ensures a secure connection to your database at all times.  Whether you are logging to our control panel to upload or download your database or simply accessing your database through FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or Instant Web Publishing the latest SSL technology is employed.

FMPHost provides by reliability through server virtualization and redundant Internet Connections.  Should a physical machine take a turn for the worse, our nightly server snapshot is quickly restored on another host.  Should there be an outage of one of our upstream Internet providers, our equipment automatically routes all communication through the remaining circuits.

Visit The Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice – http://www.laclj.org

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