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Claris Studio, Claris Connect, Claris Server, Claris Pro, Claris Go and all FileMaker Software Included!

Claris Studio

New cloud-native developer tool. Use Claris Studio to create rich app experiences with multiple views of your information and two-way data interaction.

Claris Connect

Workflow automation software lets you sync data between popular apps you use every day and automate the flow of data between various apps and systems in your tech stack.

Claris Pro and Server

It’s the FileMaker experience you know and trust. Built to seamlessly integrate with Claris Studio and Claris Connect. Get unlimited flexibility with cloud-based scale.

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Claris Platform vs FileMaker Platform Comparison Chart

The bundle licensing includes both platforms but if you decide on only using the FileMaker Platform you can save money by ordering the FileMaker only license here.

  Claris PlatformClaris Platform FileMaker PlatformFileMaker Platform
Claris ID Required Yes for all users No
Claris Studio Integration Yes No
Offline Capable No Yes
Concurrent Connections No Yes
Active Directory / OAuth Support No Yes
ODBC / JDBC Support No Yes
Database File Type .claris .fmp12
FMPHost Hosting Service Claris Server Hosting FileMaker Database Hosting (15 day free trial)

Security Seals

Provisioning our server was extremely easy and the price is highly cost-effective. The technical support personnel are responsive, knowledgeable and work well with our program staff who do not have an IT background. I highly recommend FMPHost!

Tanya Raschike, Ph.D.
Stanford Neurosciences Institute