Hosting on the FileMaker 16 Platform is now Available


FMPHost is proud to announce immediate availability of all FMPHost services for the newly released FileMaker 16 Platform!

The FileMaker 16 Platform brings lots of exciting features, but from a hosting standpoint the two that will encourage your upgrade are PDF generation from WebDirect and JSON publishing, both long awaited features that will propel your FileMaker Solution forward and make it more useful.

FileMaker Server 16 Dedicated Database HostingWith FileMaker 16 Dedicated Database Hosting, all of the setup, security and management of your FileMaker Server is completely handled by FMPHost.  You simply start your 15-day free trial and upload your databases.  During the free trial period, the FileMaker Server 16 free trial license is applied allowing up to 26 of your users to use FileMaker Pro 16, WebDirect and FileMaker Go immediately.  These servers are setup instantly and allow you upload your databases through FileMaker Pro or the FMPHost control panel.


FileMaker Server 16 HostingThe FMPHost FileMaker Server Hosting plans have also been updated for FileMaker Server 16.  FileMaker Server Hosting differs from our other plans as it allows you to manage your own server to achieve custom deployment goals.  Perhaps you want to run a web, email or accounting server on the same server as FileMaker Server.. this plan is the right one for you.  FMPHost takes daily backup snapshots of the server and is there to assist you when you have questions.


FileMaker Pro 16 RemoteAppFinally, our FileMaker Pro RemoteApp service is now available for FileMaker Pro 16 for User Connections.  For just $9.95/mo, you can run FileMaker Pro in the same data center as your database server making the long waits that can sometimes happen due to list sorts, calculated fields or lengthy scrips vanish!  No need to install FileMaker Pro on your computer, run it in the cloud from anywhere!

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